it is!  The 2010 list of Rossi Bikes top 10 favourite cycling items.  Enjoy and please feel free to comment and add a great cycling product you discovered in 2010...

  1. NuVinci endless gearing hub, I only tried it briefly but I found it to be a really cool product for recreational bikes. My mind goes wild when I think of other possibilities, I just hope the technology makes it to road bikes. Think about it one chainring no derailleurs only one shifter that would be awsome.
  2. Tacx Bushido wireless wattage trainer1150$, with the PC upgrade kit 250$. Really cool.  
  3. Easton EC 90 slx carbon wheels (2200$)with Shwalbe ultremo tubular(110$). The grip of these tubulars is incredible, it adds a whole new dimension to cornering at high speed (note to readers racing tires with limited lifespan not training tires). When you couple these tubulars to light weight laterally stiff wheels like the Eastons the combination is better then anything I have ever ridden (again racing wheels not every day wheels unless you maintain them regularly) 
  4. Skins compression tights. I did not believe it, but it works. You need to try it to believe it. 110$ 
  5. Craft Pro Zero under shirt with gore-tex wind breaker. 80$ (this was my most used product of 2010) 
  6. Merino wool cycling socks from Defeet and point 6. 15$ to 20$ depending on model. 
  7. Giant Trinity time trial bike. In my opinion its the sexiest TT bike out there. It also helped me achieve my best time ever in this years Grand Prix de Charlevoix despite a really bad cold. Or I at least like to think it did given the investment. 5100$ 
  8. Easton EC90 TT 90mm wheels. These wheels are as fast as they get, yet they are light which helps the rider re-accelerate with less effort after corners or small climbs. Great racing wheels. Please dont make the mistake of using these as your every day weels they are not designed for that but for racing WOW. 
  9. Crud fender. I have been riding road bikes for 23 years with many of them in  Victoria, BC. All I have to say is I wish these fenders had been invented when I lived in Rainy Victoria. 
  10. Camelbak chill bottle. The first time a traditional water bottle has changed for the better.