Bicycle commuting in Canada is clearly in it's infancy: 2% of employed people in Ottawa bike to work, followed closely by Vancouver (1.9%). Next are Calgary (1.5%), Montreal (1.3%), Edmonton (1.2%) and Toronto (0.8%).  However, when we look at a North American benchmark city for commuter cycling, such as Portland, Oregon, we see a more telling statistic: annual growth rates of 50% (Source: Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey, 2008)

Cannondale is well known for producing performance bicycles both in the road and mountain categories.  But commuter bicycles?  Looks like they have applied some of their fine engineering and brilliant design to help commuters get around in style on machines built specifically for commuting.  

Now, if only someone could come up with a helmet that commuters will adopt with such vigour!

See this great review and superb photos by bikerumor: Cannondale's 2011 commuter bikes