Saving a few dollars on your next bike, parts upgrade, or cycling accessory is OK but use your good judgment.  Hold off on that tempting internet purchase if the deal appears too good to be true, you are likely hurting someone in the process!  

Here's the litmus test; if you have to ask yourself "how can they even afford to sell at that price?" or "how can they ship halfway across the world for free?" then there is some cause for concern.

Rossi Bikes is the online extension of our organically grown brick and mortar bicycle shop. We source our bikes, parts, and accessories from traditional, legal, and local supply channels. The items you purchase here, at our web store, are supported fully by the manufacturers warranty and by us, Bicyclettes Rossi.  They also keep real people employed and happy to be in this business so you know you can count on us when something goes wrong or you have a question.  By the way, if you ever question some of the great deals that we offer on the internet, just call or email us and we will tell you exactly why that item is for sale and how we did it.

Should you have to pay more for buying from a "fair trade" bicycle store like us?  No.  We will always strive to be competitive and you can let us know when we are not.  Challenge us, if we can match or beat another retailers price, we will.

The difference at Rossi Bikes;

  1. We know people enjoy shopping on the internet and that it will not simply “go away” as some bicycle shops may wish
  2. We believe there are gaps in the market where internet shopping serves a specific purpose for consumers and cannot be addressed by local shops
  3. We see both sides of the debate clearly because our brick and mortar shop and online business are linked intrinsically.  We see that both can exist in harmony while providing consumers good (and sometimes great!) deals on cycling equipment while competing fairly with other local shops.

That is why we have embarked on a project that will result in the publication of Rossi Bikes - A Bicycle Retailing Fair Trade Policy.   We are near completion and will share this document with you soon.  It started out as our guiding principles for doing business in a fair way while competing in a market place that isn’t always fair.  Essentially, we will look at ourselves to identify areas of opportunity and improvement while respecting the industry manufacturers, channels, and other retailers that we share online and physical space with.  

Finally, we will address the most important stakeholder in the cycling community; you, the customer. We will strive to give consumers an opportunity to make good choices at great prices without having to pay extra for it, in one way or another.

Stay tuned… we will be back soon to publicly launch: Rossi Bikes - A Bicycle Retailing Fair Trade Policy.


Until then; Do your research, ask questions, and buy smart.


Rossi Bikes