We are here to share our passion for cyclism and that is ultimately why we want

you to have the possibility to experience it by yourself via rentals 



Short to medium term rental



Duration / Type Hybrid Road  High End Road
1 hour 7.00$ 12.00$ -----
1 day 28.00$ 35.00$ 45.00$
1 week 84.00$ 135.00$ 200.00$
2 weeks 125.00$ 200.00$ 300.00$
3-4 weeks 190.00$ 300.00$ 400.00$

 (We also rent out bike box, Chariots and baby seats)

 To transport bikes:

Duration/Type  Bike box Car rack
1 week 35$ Coming soon


Make sure to bring a valid piece of Photo identity and a Credit Card for the procedures.

Long term rental 

We also offer to the kids to experience with a road bike or a cyclocross during their respecting seasons.



Duration / Size  24 inches 650c 700c
For the summer (aprox. April to September first) 250.00$ 250.00$ 250.00$



Size 24 inches 650c

700c Disk

For the fall (aprox. September to December first) 150.00$  150.00$ 250.00$

Make sure to bring a valid piece of Photo identity and 
a Credit Card for the procedures. 


Our bikes : 








 Image result for cannondale caad 10 2013


ROAD (650c and 24")

Image result for fuji 650c road






 If you have any question, take the time to drop by in store or phone us to ask us.