Say goodbye to shoe covers, and say hello to the 2015 45North Fasterkatt RD Cycling Shoe. Designed specifically for wet winter and athletes, the Fasterkatt is the ultimate solution for water resistance, moisture regulation, and comfort in a performance cycling shoe. Constructed with a waterproof membrane and rubberized textile shell that extends above the ankle, the Fasterkatt delivers unrivaled weather protection in the wettest and muddiest of conditions. 45North’s proprietary insole is built with arch support and uses heat-reflective aluminum with wool felt to keep your feet warm. The Fasterkatt is also the first cycling shoe to use microglass outsole rubber technology to enhance surface traction while walking or running on slippery surfaces.

  • Outer Features: Waterproof-breathable membrane - blocks liquid molecules from the outside and releases heat vapor from the inside. Above Ankle Height - for watersplash protection. Stretch collar - provides a snug fit and reduces the rate of moisture transmission into the ankle pipe. #8 YKK Water Resistant Zipper - larger than the #5 for added strength, durability and water resistance. Rubberized Outer Shell - repels water and is seam sealed to provide a highly water-resistant upper. Abrasion Resistant Mudguard - for protection and resistance to slush, snow and salt. Rubber Re-Grind - provides additional protection against hard surfaces. Anti-Slip Outsole, Real rubber bumpers on toe and heel
  • Inner features: Low Cut Ankle - greater ankle flexibility, more accurate sizing, better fit, and relief for the zippered outer shell. Cord Lace Closure - simple, durable and easy to replace. Stiff Heel Cradle - more secure fit and easier entry of the foot. Air Mesh Vents - create more breathability and less volume behind the rubberized shell. Waffle EVA Foam - creates air space under the foot to trap heat and provide comfort. Arch Support - for comfort on line rides and competitive cycling when running/walking is required. Wool Felt - 1mm, stores heat and provides added insulation. Heat Reflective Aluminum - reflects heat back through the wool felt and to the bottom of the foot.
  • Microglass Filament Lugs: Enhance the slip resistance under the toe and heel and are optimal for wet weather conditionsl
  • Spacious Toe-Cleat Interface: Large enough to accommodate plate style baseball cleats and adequately shed mud
  • Sealed Cleat Pocket: Waterproof membrane behind the cleat pocket that blocks water and ensures comfort.
  • Nylon Midsole: Provides stiffness and support for long rides and competitive cyclocross activities
  • Suggested Temperature Range: 0 to -25 degrees F

$149.99 CAD - $270.00 CAD