What is a Skike? ...and what is Skiking?

Good News for those of you who know what they are: we now have them!

Great News for those who never tried them: they are among the best new experiences in cross country ski training, aerobic fitness, cross training, and offroad skating.



Grab a set of our suggested poles and strap on the Skikes, you are going to get one of the best workouts you've ever had and you will have a blast doing it!

The Skike skates go where no rollerblade can go and where no rollerski dares to go.  They strap on to provide a very secure and snug hold right on to your existing athletic shoes (or even skate ski boots) and you are off for a great workout experience.  Because you can use your regular athletic shoes, they are also great for commuting as you simply pull the straps off when you're done and you are out of the Skikes for a walk or run.  The air filled tires (yes, real tires!) provide an unparallelled ride over pavement and, in our opinion, an even more fun ride on crushed stone and other offroad surfaces.  They can be used with or without poles however, it is a much better experience with poles as it engages your entire core, arms, and back.  Much like the double pole technique in cross country skiing and skate skiing.  Another unique feature is that both Skikes are equipped with powerful and adjustable brakes that can really slow you down quickly when required as well as help you maintain a safe and controlled speed on downhills.


$299.99 CAD -