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Mavic Ksyrium Pro MIPS Helmet

Mavic Ksyrium Pro MIPS Helmet


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When you’re spending hours and hours in the saddle, you need a helmet that’s going to keep you safe, cool and comfortable. The Ksyrium Pro MIPS delivers in every way.

It comes with all-round protection. Then a fantastic personal fit is provided by our patented Live Fit technology – a new XRD® foam construction that moulds to your head shape to give you an incredibly natural fit. It’s bolstered by the Ergo Hold SL retention system, which allows you to tweak it with just one hand, while the progressive Ksyrium Pro Pad gives a beautifully shaped support.

Temperature control comes from our 37.5® technology on the padding, which uses active particles to attract humidity vapour and absorb heat from your head, wicking sweat away five times faster than traditional fabric. There’s even a mosquito mesh. So even when the riding conditions heat up, you stay cool and comfortable.

Features :
• Long-wearing comfort: The Live Fit technology delivers an adaptive fit, keeping the helmet comfortably positioned at all times with the use of XRD® foam. The superlight retention system offers optimal adjustability, comfort and head hold. The progressive Ksyrium Pro pad is shaped to provide maximum comfort
• Additional protection: The MIPS technology integrated on the helmet, reduces rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head
• Superior heat management: The 37.5® fabric used on the padding uses active particles to attract humidity vapor and absorb heat from your head. This accelerates evaporation and breathability so you can ride harder for longer. The fabric wicks sweat away 5 times faster than standard fabric. 22 Clima Vents provide optimal heat management, keeping you cool on long rides
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