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Cannondale Microfiber Plus Premium handlebar tape

Cannondale Microfiber Plus Premium handlebar tape


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Colour | Couleur
  • Triple-Layer High-Tech Handlebar Tape. The most luxurious performance handlebar tape you can put your hands on, combining the feel of leather, the cushioning of EVA foam, and the shock absorption of gel. Perforated microfiber top layer stays cool and dry, offering unmatched durability. EVA foam base layer provides soft-cushion feel to reduce hand fatigue. Sticky-gel backing enhances vibration dampening, while easing installation. Includes deluxe mechanical wedge-locking endplugs that are easy to install and hold tight in any size bar, and premium finish tape that is flexible and extra-sticky. Kit includes 2 of each: Microfiber Plus triple-layer bar tape rolls, brake hood tape strips, flexible finishing tape strips, and deluxe handlebar endplugs.

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