• TICKR X is the ultimate workout
• Dual Band Technology: Both
ANT+ and BLE allow for a wireless
connection to both smartphones and
GPS devices
• Real Time Tracking: See workout
data while you exercise, including
vital metrics such as heart rate and
calorie burn
• Visible Connection: Two LED lights
show the TICKR’s device connection
(blue) and heart rate detection (red)
• Third Party App Compatibility:
Works seamlessly with over 50 apps
• Running Smoothness™: Measures
running form across three
dimensions including vertical
oscillation and ground contact time
to help you improve and become a
stronger runner
• Cadence Measurement: Replaces
a traditional footpod by providing
stride rate data
• Additional Running Analytics:
Measures several indicators of
running form
• Built-In Memory: Track your data
without your phone and autosync
later - holds up to a 16 hour
• Motion Analytics: Captures your
indoor cycling cadence. Additional
motion analytics (e.g. laps, reps,
other sports) to be added in the
future firmware updates!
• Rapid Double Tap Control: Without
your phone
• Double tap adds markers for specific
points throughout your workout

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