Selle Royal brings you the Scirocco inflator, equipped with a full composite base, auto head for Schrader and Presta valves, 2.5 inch industrial strength gauge with an included ball and bladder needle set. The lightweight construction of the inflator makes it an easy traveler, whether you're a hard-core cyclist or a weekend warrior. Simply grab the Scirocco, throw it in a backpack or in the trunk and forget it's there until you need it most. Lightweight Composite Base The base of the Scirocco is a lightweight and durable composite. This makes it easy to take the Inflator with you, without worrying about added weight or it breaking down. This is paralleled by the 32mm steel body that can handle the rough terrain. Oversized Gauge The oversized gauge is conveniently mounted horizontally, making it visible while pumping, accented by it's enlarged face. The Scirocco also includes an air release button specifically located for optimal effortlessness. Ball/Bladder Set Included Take the Scirocco on your picnic ride and use the included ball and bladder set to pump up your bike tires and quickly switch to inflating a soccer ball. It's compact convenient storage on the handle ensures it won't fall off or get lost, even on the bumpiest or roads.

$45.99 CAD -