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Vauhti Klister

Vauhti Klister


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K660 Silver Minus Klister 60g

K660 Silver MINUS klister  0°…-8°C (32°…18°F)


K650 Silver Plus Klister 60g

K650 Silver PLUS klister  +2°…+10°C (32°…18°F)


K640 Blue Klister 60g

K640 Blue klister  0°…-8°C (32°…18°F)

For coarse icy conditions. Extremely well suited as a base for all klisters and hard waxes in icy and very abrasive conditions.


K630 Violet Klister 60g

K630 Violet klister  +1°…-4°C (34°….25°F)

For coarse wet conditions, just above or below freezing.


K620 Unversal Klister 60g

K620 Universal klister +4°…-2°C (39°…28°F).

For coarse wet snow conditions and variable coarse conditions.


K615 Red Klister 60g

K615 Red +10°…+2°C (50°…36°F)

For slightly coarse snow and new wet snow conditions.



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