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Vauhti Tar Grip Wax(Whole Line)

Vauhti Tar Grip Wax(Whole Line)


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"One of the raw materials used in the Tar Grip Wax is a pit tar made from the Finnish pine wood. Tar waxes span a wide working range, have easier waxing properties than other grip waxes and also have a pleasant aroma. They are especially suited for recreational skiers, although their properties are attractive and useful even for the most demanding racers.

To make grip waxing easy, we have combined the best qualities of the tar grip wax range, and scaled down the series into three grip waxes. These three grip waxes are perfect from wet snow conditions to temperatures reaching -20°C".


Tar Red;

"For new snow, at temperatures marked on the packaging. If the snow is old or coarse, and the track is well-used, the grip wax can be used up to -3°C".


Tar Orange;

"Recreational skier’s all-purpose grip wax for weather conditions just below freezing. Easy to apply, and durable grip wax with a wide operating range. If the ski track is hard, and the snow is few days old, a good operating range is from -1⁰ down to -12 degrees".


Tar Green;

"General purpose grip wax for cold weather conditions and all snow types".

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