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Vauhti Teho Grip Wax(Green)

Vauhti Teho Grip Wax(Green)


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GF303 TEHO Green -2°…-20°C (28…-4°F)

"The toughest TEHO Wax , which most resembles a base wax. Usually applied as base wax, but has more grip than traditional base waxes".


"Special grip waxes with extremely good gripping features developed especially for coarse and manmade snow conditions. The waxes are suitable to be applied as base waxes for coating other grip waxes and klisters. Or they can be used alone. All waxes of this series have great resistance to wearing off and the possess a wide operating range without the precise limits in temperature conditions of basic paraffin and fluor grip waxes. These temperature ranges are only recommendations. In general, wax with a thin layer because even a thin layer of TEHO Wax on the top of the basic grip wax increases significantly the grip of the lower wax. These waxes are at their best on coarse, granular snow and also on the machine-finished track where there is no new, fine-grained or loose snow. Because of the content of these waxes (a colloid which is extremely tough and glutinous) they are not suitable on new or fine-grained snow. We recommend TEHO Wax for racers and fitness enthusiasts and for others that have waxing experience".

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