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Vauhti High Fluor Glider

Vauhti High Fluor Glider


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High Fluor content glider line created specifically for the top competitive skiers and fitness skiers who demand
wax functionality at the racing level. The line is designed especially to be compatible with the Vauhti
line of fluor top layer additives. The high fluor content makes them highly hydrophobic (water repellent) and
resistant to dirt. The entire line is well suited to all snow types when the humidity is over 55%.HF011/HF9011 HF Yellow

HF-Yellow has the same hardness as the Purple, but its fluor content is higher than Purple's. It is suitable as a base wax for fluor coatings on wet or on old and coarse snow conditions right down to -2°…-3°C.

HF012/HF9012 HF Pink

A fluor glider for zero conditions and mild subzero temperatures. Works best on falling, moist new or fine snow. Recommended operating range: at less than 75 % humidity is 0°…-3°C, over 75% humidity -1°... -5°C.

HF013 HF Violet 45g

HF-Violet -2°…-7°C (28°…19°F)

A fluor glider for mild winter temperatures, a wide operating range. Recommended operating range: at less than 75 % humidity is-3°…-6°C, over 75% humidity

-4°C...-9°C. Forms a durable finish.

HF014 HF- blue 45g

HF-Blue -6°…-12°C (21°…10°F)

A fluor glider for cold winter temperatures. Recommended operating range: at less than 75% humidity is

-4°...-10°C, over 85 % humidity -6...-13°C. Suitable coating for old and grainy snow.

HF015 HF Green 45g

HF-Green -10°…-25 °C (14°…-13°F)

Extremely hard fluor glider for very cold winter conditions. Recommended operating range -10°C and below, with over 55% humidity.

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