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Vauhti SL Wax

Vauhti SL Wax


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"Basic grip wax series for all snow types. These waxes are durable and easy to apply, suitable for race or recreational use. To make grip waxing easy, we have combined this series into four Synthetic grip waxes."

SL220 SL220 Red

Aluminium AT red grip wax for all snow types. Apply in fine layers. Up to -3°C in older snow.

SL250 SL250 Carrot

Grip wax for a wide range of weather conditions. Up to -12°C in older snow. In -1°...-2°C, apply a layer of red grip wax underneath.

SL260 SL260 Blue

All-purpose grip wax for cold weather conditions. Can be used on its own, or on top of ”Orange” (carrot), at -8°C and colder weather conditions.

SL270 SL270 Green

Grip wax for very cold conditions. This wax is used on top of other softer grip waxes (Orange, Blue), when temperatures are below -10°C. The wax gives the glide, whilst the softer grip wax improves the grip.

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